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  1. Hey there. I have a couple of questions about your hpts . Do you know the sensitivity of them? Also, I got a BFP on Friday, but could barely see the line. Since I was questioning the test, I bought a FRER and confirmed with a nice, pretty dark line. I have been takin more tests daily just because I'm a poas addict. Lol. I looked at all of the tests today to compare the lines and darkness. All my lines have disappeared . I thought that was so strange. Have you heard of this happening before with theses tests? Ive used several different IC's before and never had the lines go away after a few days. I still have old tests from two pregnancies ago and the lines are still dark as ever. My FRER's of course still have their lines. It's just these ic's. I just wanted to let you know in case you didn't already.Hope you have a great day!!!!
  2. Oops. It is 708 W. Greer St
    Honea Path, SC 29654
    Thanks, Cindy Payne
  3. Hi there. I ordered your combo pkg of 30 opks and 10 hpts for $11.98. Thank you so much!!
    Cindy Payne
  4. Hi there. I need to order some opks and hpts from you. I recently had my identity stolen with my debit card. My bank said the hacker/thief could have gotten my info from PayPal. Is there any way I can mail you a check? I guarantee it is "good." I am just terrified to buy online again. After you get and cash my check, then you can mail me my order. Please let me know. Thanks,
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