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  1. Wow our stories are so alike. My hubby is Army, we are still in the med board process so technically he is still in until they finish that process. Did he lose his VA compensation or Military compensation? My hubby has torn and stretched ligaments/tendons in his ankles so he wears ankle braces. He has arthritis threw out his spine and 2 degenerative disk. Both of his knees are messed up with arthritis and he cant put much pressure on them, cant stand for long periods of time. We just got the disagnosis for TBI this year, he has severe headaches everyday and migraines about 3 times a week that put him in bed. PTSD is super hard on everyone, he gets so mad for no reason and he doesnt understand and then he gets super depressed.. its a constant up and down. He also has sleep apnea.

    I think you are prego! FX you get great news at the u/s.
  2. I was reading your post and we have a lot in common with our DH/BF...mine to is a disabled Vet with a TBI and PTSD which is hard when you love them so much...we are also eight years apart...I'm 37 and he's 29.,..they just took away his pension and we don't know what to could they do that when he selflessly risked his life and is now damaged because of it... What branch did your Hubby serve in...mine was is a Marine...YUT!!! I know it makes things harder... So if you need someone to cry too....I'm here...GL with your chart and hoping you get your BFP.,.me still stuck in limbo but feeling twinges like flutters...maybe I'm crazy.,.but I should O in the next four days if this is a new cycle and don't want to miss it but am not having my preO temps or symptoms...I'll just BD as much as possible just in case....I guess I'll know from the US on Monday....* babydust*....
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