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  1. issues are so frustrating !! I hope it gets worked out asap !!! I've never taken fertilaid or fertilitea but I have taken red raspberry leaf tea/supplements and vitex...I think those are both in fertilaid but I don't remember for certain. I know vitex can take several months before you get the full effects . I took 500mg 3x/day of vitex and drink 3c/day of red raspberry leaf tea. I did notice a difference for the better with vitex but stopped taking it to have testing done with my RE.

    I sure hope your cycle regulates soon !!!
  2. I don't have any clue what's going on with my body but I'm having insurance issues so I have to start with my OB who'll likely say there's nothing wrong you just had a baby...maybe I'll try seeing the woman there and get a per-conception appointment...I'm still not even sure if this was my AF... Crazy.. But I want answers so I'll figure out what to you take a prenatal with Fertilaid...I can't seem to get an answer to that..and I've read about your are such a strong woman...
  3. My heart sure goes out to you for all you've been through...sure wish this ttc journey didn't have to be a struggle !

    I definitely recommend you get a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). Given your history and your family history I'd say an RE would be most helpful to you . I went through 9 losses and my midwives/obs really gave no indication that it was abnormal or that I was "high risk". When we moved nearer to a large university hospital (best in the state and one of the top hospitals in the country) I got an RE referral and they have been amazing...totally on top of everything! When I got pg they told me I was very high risk and referred me to the high risk (maternal-fetal-medicine) drs. My pg ended in ectopic in May and the RE is still in touch with me every week. I'm having testing done for recurrent pg loss with my next cycle.
    All that to say I really think it would be worth it to get the referral...but I'm still hoping you're pg this cycle !!
  4. Hi.. I just wanted to say you are the biggest optimist and bringer of good cheer and I appreciate you... I read you mc experiences...I'm so sorry.. But it gave me the courage to post and talk about them.. Thank you!!!! I have so many things I'd love to ask you but don't want to bother you...I don't know if I should go to the OB but my sister couldn't get PG without meds... I have but I'm getting older and all those cysts... I'll take you're advice when I go and thank you for getting what I was really asking...
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