Adoption: Questions to Ask Yourself

adoption questions to ask yourself

If you are struggling with the question of whether or not to place your child for adoption, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Am I able to give a child what he/she requires?
  • Would I have to depend on parental or family help?
  • Can I raise a child and at the same time meet my own needs such as finishing school, starting a career, or providing for my other kids?
  • Am I ready in every way to become a good parent on my own?
  • How would a child affect what I want to achieve and to experience in life?
  • Would I be able to handle a child and a job and/or school at the same time?
  • An example of something I would have to give up by having my child with me would be____________.
  • Am I willing to cut back on my social life if necessary?
  • How badly would I miss my free time and privacy?
  • Can I afford to support a child financially? How would I pay for rent, clothing, food, diapers, and other additional living expenses?
  • Do I want to raise a child in my current neighborhood? Where do I plan to live in the future?
  • Do I want my child to follow my example?
  • Am I expecting my child to make my life happier and to love me?
  • When I am around small children, ask what it would be like to have a two-year-old around ALL the time?
  • How would I treat a child if I lost my temper or became angry?
  • How would I discipline a toddler?
  • How would I provide for my child’s health and safety?
  • Do I enjoy teaching others?
  • How would I feel knowing that my child is with someone else?
  • Can I accept knowing that someone else is raising my child?

You may find it helpful to discuss your questions with an Adoption Professional.

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Last Updated: 08/2015

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