Adoption Options

 Adoption Options

There are several different types of adoptions. Brief descriptions of each are provided below:

Agency Adoption:

Public: Usually financially supported and managed by the state, county, or city. This option might be more expensive than the private option, due to extended services.

Independent Adoption:

Private: Here, an attorney deals with mostly infant adoptions, but can also deal with non-infants. A private adoption agency may also be a facilitator in these cases.

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Several Choices of Adoptions:

Open: Allows birthparents and adoptive parents to meet before the baby is born, and to exchange contact information (addresses and phone numbers) throughout the adopted child’s life. In this situation, it is also possible for the families to visit one another.

Semi-Open: The birthparents are able to pick the adoptive parents from a profile and are able to receive updates by pictures and other information through their connection with an adoption agency.

Closed: The birthparents and adoptive parents do not meet, exchange information, or contact one another.

International Adoption:

Choosing a country can be challenging. Countries that are frequently sources of children for adoption include Russia, China, Romania, Guatemala, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. An adoption agency or attorney can help start your search.

Foster Adoption:

  • Usually involves older children
  • Typically low cost because they are done through the state

Stepparent Adoption:

  • More than half of United States adoptions are stepparent adoptions.
  • A home study is usually conducted in advance to help insure the child’s safety.
Last Updated: 10/2008